National Midwifery Institute Quarters 

Minimum course work module submission of at least 2 modules per quarter is due at the end of each academic quarter. 

During work with preceptors, documentation of training and evaluations of self and preceptor are completed for each quarterly cycle. Students file each cycle of documentation within the quarter or the following two-week grace period.

1st Quarter: January – February – March (grace period ends April 15*) 

2nd Quarter: April – May – June (grace period ends July 15*)

3rd Quarter: July – August – September (grace period ends October 15*)

4th Quarter: October – November – December (grace period ends January 15*)

 *The extra two weeks past the end of the quarter is a grace period for postal mail to arrive.

Office Hours

The NMI office is open based on administrator office hours, listed below. During busy office times, appointments are available for phone consultations and may be arranged by text, email, or by leaving a phone message. 

The NMI office is closed on national holidays. 

NMI office hours may be reduced when other schools in Vermont are closed for break: 

  • Last week of December

  • Third week of February

  • Last week of April

  • July 1 - Sept 1

Leah Hamilton administers the program from our Vermont office. Leah’s office hours are as follows: Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:00am-5:00pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:30pm-5:00pm.

Elizabeth Davis, Program Co-Director, Educational Co-Director and Heart & Hands Course Work Instructor, is available by phone Monday-Friday 10am-5pm Pacific Time.   

Erin Ryan, Program Co-Director, Educational Co-Director and Study Group Course Work Instructor, is available by e-mail and by text/voice call during normal business hours, Eastern Time.  

Molly Dutton-Kenny, Clinical Director, is available by e-mail during normal business hours, Eastern Time. You can email her to arrange a phone call as needed. She typically conducts student and preceptor office hours on Fridays, but can be flexible with other times if needed.   

  • E-mail: