The 1993 California Midwifery Practice Act provided legal allowance for a challenge mechanism to midwifery licensure. National Midwifery Institute was granted medical board approval for a proposal to administer NMI Challenge Program for California Midwifery Licensure.

From 2006 through 2014, National Midwifery Institute provided the Challenge Program for over fifty CPMs who successfully completed licensure in California. The NMI Challenge was suspended due to state legislative changes. Program Directors submitted a revised proposal for the NMI Challenge Program for California Midwifery Licensure to the Medical Board of California in early 2017; the proposal has not yet been approved.

Requirements for Licensure

The 2006 NMI Challenge Program for California Midwifery Licensure included the following requirements, which are in alignment with CA Midwifery Practice Act and will also be included in future proposals: 

  • At least half of all experiences were required to occur within five years preceding application to NMI Challenge Program for Midwifery Licensure. 
  • Students pursuing the Challenge Program were required to apply and qualify for NARM CPM certification, including NARM experience requirements and skills assessment. Application to NARM and related fees was the responsibility of the student. 
  • In addition to NARM experience requirements, students were required to complete the experience requirements identified in the CA Midwifery Practice Act. Both NARM and CA experience requirements are included in NMI graduation requirements. Students who earned their NARM CPM credential prior to enrolling with NMI were required to demonstrate completion of NMI clinical experience requirements. 
  • All students pursuing the NMI Challenge Program for California Midwifery Licensure were required to have their clinical experience documentation verified by a licensed physician/surgeon and a licensed midwife or certified nurse-midwife. Experience had to be documented on forms provided by NMI. Students were responsible for making arrangements with verifiers. Verification was documented and submitted to NMI. Verifiers were provided a stipend for their services to students of NMI. 
  • Students qualified to take the NMI Challenge Program Written Examination upon successful completion of NMI clinical experience requirements, verification of clinical experience, and NARM Skills Assessments. 
  • Midwives completing the NMI Challenge Program qualified for the California licensing exam, aka NARM exam.

“Now I’m much more aware of the psychological/spiritual aspects of not just pregnancy, birth and postpartum, but of midwifery care itself.”

~ an NMI Student

To learn more, view the NMI Handbook.