"What I have learned about midwifery through this program is that midwifery is always evolving. There is a hunger for knowledge that is empowering." ~an NMI student

Program Goals

Our program goals are:

"I believe this is one of the hallmarks of NMI: to practice artfully, in an integrated sense." ~an NMI graduate

  • To provide comprehensive direct-entry midwifery curriculum that enhances and supports the apprenticeship model.
  • To increase access to education for aspiring midwifery students.
  • To be a leader in inclusive, socially just midwifery education.
  • To build an egalitarian, respectful and collaborative community of midwifery students, instructors, preceptors, and other professional colleagues.
  • To prepare graduates to qualify for the national credential Certified Professional Midwife through North American Registry of Midwives, and state midwifery licensure where provided.

To learn more, view the NMI Handbook.