"What I have learned about midwifery through this program is that midwifery is always evolving. There is a hunger for knowledge that is empowering." ~an NMI student

Program Objectives

Our program objectives are:

"I believe this is one of the hallmarks of NMI: to practice artfully, in an integrated sense." ~an NMI graduate

  • To prepare students to practice skillfully, artfully, and sensitively. 
  • To stimulate students' curiosity and love of learning, for a lifelong commitment to continuing education. 
  • To support students in forming healthy, egalitarian relationships with instructors, preceptors, clients, fellow students, and other professional colleagues.
  • To prepare students to practice in out-of-hospital settings, with the ability to transport to hospital if necessary. 
  • To teach students to take responsibility for themselves both personally and professionally.
  • To ready students to practice in accordance with the Midwives Model of Care, upholding principles of client-centered caregiving. 

These objectives reflect the knowledge, skills, art and science of midwifery we believe students must master in order to practice competently, which are further detailed in the MANA Core Competencies for Midwifery Practice.


To learn more, view the NMI Handbook.