Important Dates

NMI has rolling enrollment and students may commence their coursework and apprenticeships at any time.

Quarterly Experience Documentation

Students are expected to turn in their clinical experience documentation on a quarterly basis.

1st Quarter: January – February – March (grace period ends April 15*)

2nd Quarter: April – May – June (grace period ends July 15*)

3rd Quarter: July – August – September (grace period ends October 15*)

4th Quarter: October – November – December (grace period ends January 15*)

*The extra two weeks past the end of the quarter is a grace period to allow postal mail to arrive.

Annual May 5th Program Review

NMI marks May 5th, International Midwives Day, by annually polling students, graduates and faculty in preparation for curriculum revisions and with regard to various aspects of the program. Online surveys are sent to invite comment from all parties regarding aspects of program performance:

  • curriculum content

  • structure

  • reference resources

  • admissions process

  • mechanisms of evaluating student progress

  • methods of informing students of their progress

  • program resources

  • student services

  • facilities/other services

  • clinical sites

  • library

  • administrative facilities

  • equipment and supplies

Survey results are distributed to academic faculty and Program Directors (with a copy kept on file in the NMI office). After receiving the survey results, each party is asked to make proposals to Program Directors specific to their own area of responsibility and that of related parties. These proposals are discussed between academic faculty, administrative staff and program directors, and are addressed using a consensus process. If proposals are made regarding precepting faculty, new policy must be in alignment with NARM requirements. Decisions regarding changes in preceptor policies are made by Program Directors in accordance with NMI philosophy and policies and procedures, with particular sensitivity to the effect such changes may have on the preceptor/student relationship. Students and precepting faculty are invited to give comment in response to any new policy. If student or preceptor feedback justifies policy adjustment, Program Directors and Program Administrators make such changes through consensus. Changes to existing policy may be assigned a timeline for development and implementation, the length of which will be suggested by Program Directors with input from Program Administrators.

Contact Information for NMI Staff

(802) 453-3332 Office phone

Emily Bissonnette
Program Administrator
My office hours: 6:30am-12:30pm PST/ 9:30am-3:30pm EST Monday-Wednesday

Elizabeth Davis
Program Co-Director
Educational Co-Director, Director: Heart & Hands

Erin Ryan
Program Co-Director
Educational Co-Director, Director: Study Group Coursework ;

Molly Dutton-Kenny
Clinical Director