Two Changes to NARM Application Requirements for Students in MEAC Accredited Schools

2016 brings two changes to the application requirements for students in MEAC accredited schools. These changes will bring application requirements for students in MEAC-accredited programs into alignment with all routes to the CPM.

Ten Births In US or Canada

Beginning in 2016, students in MEAC accredited programs who seek CPM certification will have to attend at least ten births in the US or Canada. Due to difficulties in the supervision and oversight of clinical sites, applicants through the PEP program were required to obtain all required clinicals in the US or Canada beginning in June of 2014, but students in MEAC accredited programs were allowed to receive their clinical training OOC if the school provided oversight.

They will still be allowed to train in those sites but will need to have at least ten births in US or Canadian birth sites.

This requirement also applies to Internationally Educated Midwives applying for the CPM credential.

End of Testing Prior to Graduation

When testing dates for the NARM Written Examination were only available three times a year, students in MEAC-accredited programs were allowed to test in the last six months of their academic program as long as all NARM clinicals were complete.

Now that testing is available on any date and at multiple sites, students will not be eligible for the exam until they have graduated from their programs.