CAM90: Opening Address, Picking up the Pieces, Pulling the Midwifery Community Together - Susanna Napierala

CAM90: Shoulder Dystocia, Don't Get Stuck! - Janice Kalman

CAM90: Aids & Midwifery- Attitudes, Risks and Prevention Part 1 - Kim Toevs

CAM90: Aids & Midwifery- Attitudes, Risks and Prevention Part 2 - Kim Toevs

CAM90: Fostering the Development of Subjective Knowledge in Midwifery Education - Patty Craig

CAM90: Interfacing with Hispanic Women in the Community - Carol Schrammel, Angelina Borbon & Isobel Hazelhurst

CAM90: Examining the Theory of Vaccinations - Dr. Norlan Merritt

CAM90: Cesarian Prevention in the 90's, Homeopathy & Natural Childbirth - Andrea Henkart

CAM90: Legislation, A Window of Opportunity - Elizabeth Davis & Susan Leibel

CAM90: Closing Address- Keeping the Faith in Midwifery, A Multi-Media Presentation - Suzanne Arms