Comprehensive Exam

There is a comprehensive Exam that is requited to graduate from NMI. A comprehensive Exam is an evaluation that measures a student's competency within a certificate program. The score on the comprehensive exam will be compared to the Pre-test in order to evaluate an increase in knowledge. The comprehensive exam is a test of your mastery of the MEAC competencies. It is recommended that you study for this exam using the study guide below. While this test will help prepare you for the NARM exam it also covers materials that are not on the NARM but considered important competencies by NMI, MEAC and ICM. You must pass this exam with a 70% to graduate and you have 2 opportunities to demonstrate competency. If you do not pass the second time, you will have to complete extra studies in the areas of identified areas of weakness before taking the exam again. Not passing could delay your graduation. Please take the time to study.

The questions will come directly from MEAC competencies. Please use this list of current competencies to study.