MNA04-042: The Use of Obstetric Research in North America Disturbing Trends - Betty Anne Davis & Ken Johnson

MNA04-035: MEAC, Sharing the Heart of Midwifery a Preceptor - Abigail Hoffar

MNA04-033: Business Mentoring for Midwives - Elle Daniels

MNA04-031: Internet Research Epidemiology - Seattle Midwifery Panel

MAN04-024: Plus-Sized Pregnancy,  Serving Women of Size - Pamela Vireday

MNA04- 018: MEAC, Disrupting Nuturance- Crisis & Authority in Midwifery Education - Vickie Van Wagner

MAN04- 015: Vaccinations: Current Issues in Care - Ed Hoffman-Smith

MNA04- 012: Daughter of Time, The Post-Modern Midwife - Robbie Davis-Floyd

MNA04- 007: Physiological Cord Closure, More Important than You Thought - Anne Frye