Below is a list of available sessions from the 2010 MANA Conference, Returning To Our Roots, Sowing Seeds for Our Future.

MAU01: MANA President's Address - Geraldine Simkins

MAU02: Women's History Of Medicine & Midwifery - Ina May Gaskin

MAU03: Renaissance Of The Apprentice - Trained Midwife In NA

MAU04: Immediate Management Of Postpartum Hemorrhage

MAU06: Teaching Cultural Competency To Midwifery Students

MAU12: Awareness Around Suturing The Perineum

MAU13: Professional Ethics In Midwifery Practice

MAU15: Insurance Billing For Midwives

MAU16: Breech - European Solutions To North America

MAU21: Keynote Address - Makeda Kamara

MAU22: Research On All Midwives And Outcomes

MAU27: Help Fore Sore Butts, Boobs Or Bottoms

MAU31: So You Want To Conduct Midwifery Research

MAU32: Mentoring Student Midwives

MAU33: Bridging Communication Between Home And Hospital

MAU37: Trauma, Discrimination & What Makes People Choose

MAU39: Keynote Address - Bridget Lynch

MAU41: Disaster Relief Midwifery

MAU42: MANA Division of Research Presentation - MANA

MAU43: Midwifery As An Artisinal Work - Barbara Katz Rothman

MAU44: The Midwifery Way - From an Artist's View and an Anthropologic Perspective - Harriette Hartigan

MAU45: What Really Matters - Memoirs of 25 American Midwives - Geraldine Simkins