MT94- 91.1: Herb Workshop Part 1- Dr. Mary Bove, ND

MT94- 91.2: Herb Workshop Part 2 - Dr. Mary Bove, ND

MT94-83: Herbs and Natural Remedies for Newborn Care - Dr. Mary Bove, ND

MT94- 62: Psychology of Fear - Suzanne Arms, Ina May Gaskin, Nancy Wainer Cohen & Sr Angela Murdaugh CNM

MT94- 60: High-Risk Pregnancy, Concentration on Gestational Diabetes - David Jackson, MD

MT94-53: Affirmations for Bad Outcomes - Clarebeth Loprinzi Kassel & Mary Cooper

MT94- 46: IDMI, Prolonged Labor - Marion Toepke McLean, CNM

MT93- 19: Natural Remedies for Pregnancy and Birth - Mary Cooper

MT93- 16: An Evening with Sylvia, Nettie & Matilda - Three Native American Grandmothers

MT93- 14: Assessing Fetal Well-Being - Sister Angela Murdaugh CNM

MT93- 10: Herbs and Pregnancy Workshop - Dr. Mary Bove, ND

MT93- 08: Assisting the Unborn - David Jackson, MD

MT93- 01: Impact of Childhood Sexual Abuse on the Birthing Woman - Penny Simkin

MT92- 31: Herbal Remedies for Common Maladies - Colette Gardner