MT95- 187 Hnl: Hemorrhage and Third Stage Difficulties - Sister Angela Murdaugh CNM

MT95- 243 Egn: Prenatal Care is What She Does Between Visits - Anne Frye & Candace Witriridge, CNM

MT95- 246 Egn: Helping Parents Discover the Amazing Talents - Marshall Klaus, MD

MT95- 281 Egn: Psycho-Social Etiology of Symtoms of Pregnancy - Phyllis Klaus

MT95- 284 Egn: Itches, Rashes and STD's - Marion Toepke McLean, CNM

MT95- 294 NY: Malpresentation - Ina May Gaskin

MT95- 298 NY: Can We Change the World? - Harriette Hartigan & Jan Tritten

MT95- 311 NY: Assisting the Unborn - Liat Applewhite Black

MT95- 313 NY: The First Hour Following Birth - Michel Odent