Preceptor Education

New and experienced preceptors can always do with brushing up on the skills of imparting knowledge, wisdom, judgement, clinical education, and learned muscle memory to students. Becoming an excellent preceptor is a skill in its own right and the skill of teaching can be learned, honed and perfected over time to be adaptable to midwife, client, and students’ changing needs and expectations.

To maintain the skills of good communication and imparting of skills and practice, NMI recommends the following courses:

In addition, the following resources may also prove helpful in your education as a clinical preceptor:

Infusing Equity and Diversity into Clinical Teaching

Equity in Midwifery Education Webinars

Watch this webinar to learn techniques for engaging students in experiential learning with respect and cultural sensitivity while examining the challenges of maintaining a balance between student and client rights and needs. Experienced midwifery educator, Karline Wilson-Mitchell will:

  • Present strategies for equitable treatment of students and clients who belong to different groups; including difference in race, ethnicity, immigration status, sexual orientation, religion, body size and appearance, ability, age, socioeconomic class, religious faith, and gender

  • Summarize the research which explores students’ concerns about their academic learning experiences when they are working across socio-cultural differences

  • Provide an opportunity to discuss insights and approaches to difficult but common areas of discomfiture encountered in the clinical teaching setting

Supporting Indigenous Midwifery Students: A Discussion on Cultural Safety Within Midwifery Education

Equity in Midwifery Education Webinars

Watch this webinar to learn techniques for working with Indigenous Midwifery students from a space of cultural safety.

Adult Education

Midwifery students are adult continuing education learners, and may have specific learning needs, styles, and accommodations that differ from teaching grade school or university. NMI Faculty Preceptors may benefit from brushing up on resources regarding adult education to enhance their interactions with students.

To better understand the process of teaching NMI Students specifically, feel free to download and review these narrated powerpoints developed with and presented to NMI Program Co-Directors, Educational Directors and Clinical Director:

Cultural Competency, Safety, and Humility

All NMI Students are required to complete a course in cultural competence. Additionally all NMI clinical preceptors are required to complete a course in cultural competency (as is required for CPM re-certfication) within the last three years OR if never completed, within 12 months of beginning precepting with NMI.

Students complete the course Culturally Competent Nursing Care: A Cornerstone of Caring. This course is acceptable per NARM Standards for CPM certification and recertification. The course is free and issues a certificate of completion. Please submit your certificate of completion to NMI to verify your ongoing status as a NMI clinical preceptor.

NMI Preceptors can also access two modules related to cultural competency intended for NMI students to review resources and complete the module as desired.

Additional Available Trainings



Cultural Humility

TEDX Talk by Juliana Mosley, Ph.D regarding cultural humility key concepts.

16:50 minutes