Reclaiming Our Choices in Childbirth 2005 Conference took place April 29-May 1, 2005 in San Diego, California. 

Renowned childbirth experts from Canada, Mexico, Singapore and the United States gathered for the conference, which served as a grand finale to  April's observance of Cesarean Awareness Month. Barbara Harper, founder of Waterbirth International and closing keynote speaker, calls this an "historic conference" driven by consumer demand, provider concerns and organized by the International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN), the California Association of Midwives (CAM) and Birth Resource Network (BRN).  
From a conference press release: "The conference theme -- "Reclaiming Our Choices in Childbirth" -- provides a unifying message for the birth community and childbearing women at a time when more than 300 U.S. hospitals and at least two medical malpractice companies now ban normal/vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). This despite research showing VBAC is safer than repeat cesarean for most women and babies." 

ICN05 912.01: PreConference Session—Reclaiming Our Rights -  Strategies for Birthing Policy Reform with Steve Cochran, Katherine Prown

ICN05 912.02: Keynote 1 - What are Babies Teaching Us? With Wendy Anne McCarty

ICN05 912.03: Transports -  Making a Seamless Transition with Barbara Herrera, Gerri Ryan, Michael Finton

ICN05 912.04: Ending Flat Earth Obstetrics with Faith Gibson

ICN05 912.05: Transforming Childbirth - Becoming a Mother-Friendly Hospital with Tanja Johnson

ICN05 912.06: Postpartum Mood Disorders with Pec Indman

ICN05 912.07: Vaginal Birth after Multiple Cesareans - Keeping the Dream Alive with Pamela Vireday

ICN05 912.08: Changing Public Perceptions through Birth Stories with Sheri Menelli

ICN05 912.09: The Changing Role of Doulas with Gerri Ryan, Susan Cassel, Ann Fulcher

ICN05 912.10: Identifying New Norms with Rose DeVigne

ICN05 912.11: Keynote 2 - Women ad Directors of their Own Births with Gloria Lemay

ICN05 912.12: The Illusion of Choice in Childbirth with Henci Goer

ICN05 912.13: Birthing Alone with Barbara Herrera

ICN05 912.14: Birth Faith in a Technological World with Joni Nichols

ICN05 912.15: Postpartum Depression - An Insider’s View (Panel Discussion) with Mary Obata

ICN05 912.16: The Nurse’s Role in Helping Women to Reclaim Birth with Carolyn Rafferty

ICN05 912.17: The Pain of the Witness with Jamie Stouffer

ICN05 912.18: Fearless Birthing with Kim Wildner

ICN05 912.19: Post-Partum Massage with Paula Jaspar

ICN05 912.20: Everything You Want to Know about Uterine Rupture, But are Afraid to Ask - The Latest Findings with Nicette Jukelevics

ICN05 912.21: Ears Both Open with Nikki MacFarlane

ICN05 912.22: Comparing Risks of Vaginal and Cesarean Birth - A Systematic Review and Education Program with Henci Goer

ICN05 912.23: Choices in Pregnancy to Ensure Safe, Easier Births with Jeanne Ohm

ICN05 912.24: Keynote 4 - Bringin ‘in Da Spirit with Rhonda Haynes

ICN05 912.25: Keynote 5 - The Passion of Birth with Barbara Harper