Study Group Module Submission Form

Please complete the following form along with each module submission. This helps Study Group Course Instructors keep track of the order of student submissions for timely return, and reminds students of submission guidelines and expectations. You must complete one form per module you submit.

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Date of Submission *
Date of Submission
I have submitted my module by email *
I have emailed my module to I have made sure I followed submission and formatting instructions carefully, as outlined in my module syllabus. I have submitted a .pdf document, as requested.
The work I have submitted is my original work *
I have not plagiarized my work, rather, my work is in my own words and reflects my own unique ideas. When sourcing ideas form others, I have quoted, cited, and/or attributed their ideas properly. If there is any question about the originality of my work, a Study Group Coursework Coordinator will contact me.
I have submitted a module feedback form *
I understand I must submit at least three module feedback forms throughout my time completing Study Group Coursework. These module feedback forms solicit student feedback in order to improve modules and keep them relevant and up-to-date for optimum student education.