Preparing to take the NARM

There is a practice exam offered by NMI. Use the button below to access the exam. Once you complete the exam please let the instructor know immediately so they can review the exam and then schedule a time with the study group instructor to review the test. The Instructor will help you identify areas to focus your study as well as improving test taking skills.

The outline of the NARM exam is explained in detail in the Candidate Information Bulletin published by NARM (starts on page 33). Read over the breakdown of questions as well as this outline as it will tell you exactly where to focus your studies. NARM questions have to be supported by 2 peer reviewed text. See the most current list of books to study on the NARM site. We recommend reading through Heart and Hands as an overview. Then focus your studies on Varney or Myles.  Many students find it helpful to make flash cards

You may also want to utilize the NARM Quizlet that is online as well as the CPM Professional Midwife Exam Prep app.

Practice test tips

Remember to read the questions carefully. Look for NOT or EXCEPT in the questions. Read ALL of the answers and eliminate the incorrect answers before you chose the best answer from the remaining choices. If you tend to read very fast or comprehension is more challenging then read each question 3x before responding.

You need to prepare for test in advance.

Planning logistics

Take a minimum of a few days off call before the test. You need to be rested and clear headed for the test.

Take time to drive to the test site

o   Know the exactly location of the site

o   Where to park

o   Consider traffic or other issues that might affect you arriving that day

o   Get some snacks for the test day


Day Before

o   Take a break from studying

o   Put Gas in your car (or charge your car)

o   Do something calming and centering

o   Eat 3 good meals and good hydration

o   Shut off / silence your phone- don’t risk getting woken up!

o   Go to bed early

o   If sleep is an issue try mild herbs, tea, or yoga nidra, or meditation.


Day Of the test

o   Wake up and eat food.

o   Leave early or on time to get to the test site

o   Breathe

o   Go to the bathroom before you go into the test site


Taking the test

o   Read each questions carefully. Answer the question only using the information provided. Don’t make assumptions

o   Before answering read ALL the answers. Eliminate obvious wrong answer and then choose the best answer.

o   Sometimes 2 answers will seem like they are right. Re-read the question and choose the question that best answers the question being asked.

o   Remember each question is worth the same amount. Don’t linger on questions you don’t know. Mark the questions you want to return to and keep going.

o   Make sure you note when the question states NOT or EXCEPT.