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Apnea / Hypoxia / Respiratory Distress (2018) - Microsoft Word document*

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Online Resources

PDF Files

  • “Breathing for Babies: Exploring the Scope of Neonatal Resuscitation in Out‐of‐Hospital Settings” by Bethany Witten, CPM, NHCM, Midwifery Matters Magazine, Issue (access in the NMI Media Library)

  • “One Beat At A Time: Newborn Pulse Oximetry Screening for Out-Of-Hospital Birth”- Teresa Cramer, CPM, Midwifery Matters Magazine, Issue 1 (access in the NMI Media Library)



CPR in Pregnancy

*warning: mock cesarean section depicted after the 6 minute mark*

9:05 minutes


Newborn Cord Blood Gases

NCLEX Review

6:13 minutes