Study Group Course Work is comprised of fifty-two modules, each module demanding focus on a particular topic and its context. The modules are designed to stimulate the self-motivation and passion for learning that are the hallmarks of the midwifery profession.

About This Page

Each Study Group module is posted individually below.* Click on the module title to be taken to its individual page including module pdf and online resources. 

*NOTE: NMI is currently completing our 2016 Study Group Course Work revision project, but all revised modules have not yet been completed and posted. Revised module titles listed in Bold are currently available: click on the bold module titles below to view the revised module and resources. 

Until all 52 of our newly revised modules are posted (by the end of 2016), students may continue to complete and submit older versions of  NMI Study Group modules if the new version of the particular module is not yet available. However, if the new version is available you must complete and submit the revised module. 

A pdf of all of the old 2009 edition of the Study Group Course Work modules is available here

Required Reading

Prior to beginning to work on Study Group Course Work, please carefully read through the following documents: 

After completing Study Group Course Work:

  • Study Group Course Work Self-Test - Designed to be completed once all NMI Course Work has been completed, this self-test helps students orient to the format of the NARM CPM exam. Submission and review details are included. 

Study Group Course Work Modules 

Artificial Rupture of Membranes

Birth Bag and Set Up


Breech and Twins

Cesarean & VBAC

Charting & Practice Guidelines


Diversity Awareness

Ectopic Pregnancy

Embryology & Fetal Development

Sexuality and Gender

Fertility & Conception

FHR Patterns

Fetal/Newborn Circulation

First Stage

General Pregnancy & PP Ailments

Genetic & Prenatal Screening

Gestational Diabetes




Homeopathic Remedies



Basic Life Science



Newborn Apnea/Hypoxia/Respiratory Distress Syndrome


OP, Brow & Face Presentations

Pharmacology for Midwives

Physical Assessment

Physical & Sexual Abuse


Post-Dates Management & Post-Maturity

Postpartum Care

Postpartum Depression


Prenatal Labwork and Assessment

Preterm Labor

Renal System

Ruptured Membranes

Second Stage

Shoulder Dystocia

Stillbirth & Miscarriage

Substance Abuse


Third Stage


Urinary Tract Infection

Uterine Size and Estimated Due Date Discrepancy

Well Woman Care