Study Group Course Work is comprised of fifty-two modules, each module demanding focus on a particular topic and its context. The modules are designed to stimulate the self-motivation and passion for learning that are the hallmarks of the midwifery profession.

Before Completing Coursework

You cannot begin Study Group until you have completed all work for Heart and Hands and have taken the pre-test provided by Erin Ryan. Prior to beginning to work on Study Group Course Work, please carefully read through the following links. This information will ensure you know how to approach study group and properly submit your work.

Please contact Erin Ryan with questions:


While Completing Coursework

At your initiation into NMI Study Group Coursework, you will be asked to complete a set of ten foundational modules to set a ground work for your transition into apprenticeship and more advanced modules. You can find them categorized below.

After you have completed your foundational modules, the remaining modules can be completed in any order but we recommend you ask your preceptor or the Study Group Instructor for advice on the next best module to complete. Simply select the next module you want to work on, and proceed. Modules are designed to be stand-alone topics that together complete a comprehensive picture of midwifery care. Allowing the bulk of module submission in any order is meant to enhance relevance of student learning, and have students complete modules as needed throughout their clinical education.

There are three final modules about the set-up and practicalities of midwifery practice. These are to be completed just before graduation from the program.

Once you have completed your module, submit it for review using the link below (also present on individual module pages).

Questions? Contact :


After Completing All Coursework

A comprehensive exam is required to graduate from NMI. This exam measures a competency in all areas required by NARM, MEAC, and ICM.

In order to better evaluate competency upon completion of the Heart & Hands Coursework, this exam is given as a pretest to the Study Group modules. All students who have completed Heart & Hands Coursework must take this exam prior to beginning Study Group Coursework. Please contact Study Group instructor Erin Ryan for a link to the test.

The score on the pretest will be compared to that achieved when taken again after completion of the Study Group Coursework, in order to evaluate increased competency and make any necessary revisions to NMI Coursework. Students must score at least 70% on the comprehensive exam in order to graduate and will have two opportunities to do so.

Study guidelines for taking the exam after completing the Study Group Coursework will be provided by the instructor.


Study Group Modules

Below are all the modules currently required for Study Group completion through National Midwifery Institute.

All modules have been updated as of October 2018.


Final Set of Modules to Complete: Birth Bag & Set-Up | Consult, Transport & Transfer of Care | Charting & Practice Guidelines

Congratulations! You have completed all your modules. Upon completion of modules, please complete both the comprehensive exam and NARM practice test (see above)