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Fetal Heart Rate Patterns (2018) - Microsoft Word document*

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Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring Review

Dr Cal Shipley, M.D. 


An in-depth animated review of fetal heart rate monitoring (FHR), including maternal-fetal anatomy & physiology and analysis of normal FHR, decelerations, accelerations, fetal tachycardia and fetal bradycardia.

The Fetoscope : My Favorite Midwifery Tool

It's Your Birth Midwifery Services, LLC


This week I want to teach you about the fetoscope. The fetoscope is an amazing tool used to listen to baby's heartbeat without the use of ultrasound. Learn more about the positives and negatives of fetoscopes in my latest video!

Difference between Fetal, Placenta, & Mum's Heartbeat on Doppler


To show the difference between each heartbeat around your womb when you're pregnant.