Heart & Hands Course Work is comprised of thirteen modules and provides an integrated overview of core knowledge and skills for midwifery practice and thus lays the foundation for the rest of the program.

About This Page

Each Heart & Hands module is posted individually below. Click on the module title to be taken to its individual page including module pdf and online resources. Heart & Hands modules must be completed and submitted in order. Instructor approval must be received before students can move on to the next module. 

Required Reading

Prior to beginning Heart & Hands Course Work, please carefully read through the following documents: 


Once Elizabeth has confirmed you have completed all of the Advanced Heart and Hands Modules, she will send you the link to the pretest. This is your pre-test taken prior to beginning the study group course work. It is a test that will measure learning in the program by comparing the pre-test score to the comprehensive exam. It consist primarily of of multiple choice, several short answer questions and a few fill-in-the-blank. You will have plenty of time to complete the exam, but use your time wisely. You will NOT receive a score immediately following taking the test. You will find out how much your knowledge has grown when we provide you with the comparative scores at the end of your education.

Final Evaluation

Students enrolled in NMI's certificate program are required to complete the following form upon completion of Advanced Heart & Hands:

Please complete and submit by e-mail to the NMI office