Course Module

Renal System and Urinary Tract Infection (2018) - Microsoft Word document*

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Urinary System Explanation

Urinary system - Human Body; Zameer Inamdar, animated explanation of renal system and basics of function

5:03 minutes


Catheter Insertion

Demonstration of catheter insertion using a plastic classroom model

2:28 minutes


Foley Catheter Demonstration

Demonstration of sterile field and set-up in preparation for foley catheter, interesting detail explained during demonstration

10:01 minutes


Straight Catheter Insertion

Student demonstration of inserting a straight catheter into a plastic pelvic teaching model, great opportunity to observe awkward “human” interaction as well as clinical skill details

4:34 minutes


Female Urethral Catheterization

Female Urethral Catheterization NEJM, detailed presentation of considerations and applications of catheterization, including non-latex catheters, sterile technique, foley catheter. Brief video segments of catheter insertion during care.

14:41 minutes