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Online Resources



Female Genital Cutting Websites

  • - Moving personal account of self-discovery and interactions with gynecologists from a woman who grew up in the United States after being circumcised as a young girl in Pakistan (podcast) 

Suturing Videos

Running Subcuticular Suturing

Demonstrates running subcuticular suturing

5:50 minutes


Hand Ties

Demonstrates hand ties

34:36 minutes


Instrument Tie

Demonstrates instrument tie

2:48 minutes


Perineal Laceration Repair

Demonstrates chicken thigh as suturing model and begins with 3rd degree repair, then 2nd degree repair

8:13 minutes


Perineal Repair Continuous

Demonstrates three stage repair, perineal repair continuous

9:22 minutes


Perineal Repair

Shows use of cutting needle for subcutaneous perineal stitches

9:12 minutes


Perineal Assessment and Repair

Shows perineal assessment and repair

5:28 minutes


Kegels Videos

Kegals Demonstration

You Don't Know Squat, Katie Bowman

3:10 minutes



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